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With good web design and a well thought through online-marketing concept any online shop can be turned into a success. Contunda as a web design and SEO agency would love to support you in this effort.

Steffen von der Eltz

Steffen von der Eltz

Your E-Commerce Expert

Great online shop design for more profit

As a web design agency we are also experienced in creating successful online shops. We will create an easy to use and clear structure, which will ensure your customers have a great experience. With the right e-commerce software, a clear structure and search engine optimization you can have your first sale very soon. On a small budget our record from creation to first sale was 14 days.

Every shop we create is compliant with the German law.

Online Shop Relaunch

Maybe you are unhappy with your current shop set-up. We will gladly help you to get it back into shape. We will create content for you which will make more interested people find their way to you. All the content is of course optimized for search engines. With our content every customer will have all the information they need about your products or services. To be a successful e-commerce business you always have to stay ahead of your competition. With a detailed analysis of your target demographic, we can create content that people actually look for.

If you wish we can explain to you how the shop functions and how you can add new products to it.

Social Media Marketing for Your Shop

Social media can help you in promoting your products. With them it is possible to present them in appealing galleries or even videos. We will help you in selecting the right channels for you and create profiles for you. We will also deal with the communication between you can your fans and followers.

Social media gives you various ways to make your products look more appealing than a simple product picture. Interacting with the content is also a big part of social media and will make your products seem more desirable.

SEA as a Companion Service

We have a certified Google AdWords expert on our team. He can help you create an AdWords campaign which will bring you your first customers. With our knowledge we will create a cost-efficient campaign. If you are just entering the market, then you need to use all the online marketing tools available to you, to create early buzz for your platform.

Sell Your Products on Other Platforms like Amazon or eBay

We can help you to not only sell products on your own e-commerce platform. It is also possible to create successful shops on platforms like Amazon or eBay. Use all the distribution channels available to you, to achieve the maximum of sales. With Amazon, you can use their warehouses to stock a huge amount of product and you no longer have to handle shipping yourself. This way we can inform your potential customers thoroughly, to lead them to a platform they already trust in Amazon.

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Satisfied Customers

For us it’s not just your success on the internet that’s important, we also want all our customers to be deeply satisfied.

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