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Pascal Prohl

Pascal Prohl

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Search Engine Optimization for Google

If you want your homepage to be found, then search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors. Today most people go directly to Google if they are looking for a product or the solution to a problem. The problem is, they rarely look beyond the first page of search results. This means it should be your goal to be part of the first ten search results on page one. We can develop a strategy for you to achieve this goal.

Our SEO strategies are always specifically tailored to your website and your business. We use a variety of SEO tools to improve your Google ranking. With our on- and off-page optimization you will soon be in the number one position!

SEO Explained

SEO is similar to rowing. Your website is a rowing boat with a lot of rowers. All of them are doing their best to get faster and get ahead of the competition. Should one of these rowers get tired, or even worse multiple rowers just stop, then the boat will slow down. Your competition wins. This means, if you want to want you have to constantly work on your SEO.

Good SEO need to be well thought through

SEO has to cover a lot of different parts of your website. You have to think about your layout and what kind of texts you use. You also have to consider the descriptions of pages or pictures. Even the metadata of files, documents and pictures is of importance. The users of your website have to have the best experience. That’s why you position the most important information at the top of the page, and not at the bottom where your visitors have a hard time finding it. Part of the user experience is also how you format your texts. What size, style or color are right?

Often forgotten is a correct URL structure. You need to have readable URLs, that make it easy for any potential visitor to know where they are going to land.

The Devil Is in the Detail

There are a lot of details that are important for search engines like Google. Most of it is covered by on-page optimization. One of those details is the speed of your website. And to improve that there are a lot of things to cover, like files sizes or even the code of the website itself. Once you have a fast loading website, Google has more time to actually look for the most important words on it. A fast website will also not make visitors leave immediately, because they don’t have to wait. Google actually ranks fast websites higher, than slow ones.

With changes like these it is possible to improve your ranking on Google by more than 800%. As you can see, SEO can have a huge impact on your website and therefore how many customers you might reach.

More Visibility with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To really improve your visibility we will do an analysis of your business, to figure out what the most important keywords are for you. Then we can use those to further strengthen all the content on your website. This way you will get on the first page of the search results with keywords, that drive customers to you.

Local search has become very important and should not be forgotten. Especially not if you consider opening a local business in Germany. We make sure that you will be part of reputable business directories like Google My Business or the local yellow pages. This is free of cost, but very important to be found locally. This is part of our off-page optimization.

Another off-page solution is the positioning of articles in blogs around the web. These articles are also SEO optimized, so that they will be easily found. This way people will learn about your brand or products in interesting articles and then guided to your website.

Optimization of a Modern Website

In general SEO can be done for any website. Problems can arise, if potential customers arrive at a website that doesn’t work well on a technical level, or doesn’t deliver a good user experience. Your visitors need to feel welcomed, otherwise you will not generate new customers.

If you think you might need more than just help with SEO, then don’t hesitate to ask us. We are happy to consult you on website projects.

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