What Does Contunda Mean?

The name Contunda actually does have a meaning. It’s a combination of two words, content and unda which means wave.

Contunda-Team 2018 mit Marie

The whole Contunda team at the beginning of 2018.

What Drives Us

Trust us, we have spent many weeks trying to find the right name for our agency. Many times we thought “This is it!” only to abandon the idea the next day. In the end we went with Contunda, and we love our name. It expresses what we are all about: Creating your entire internet presence.

And that is exactly what drives us. We are always thinking about the next step, coming up with strategies, evolving every day. No one on our team stays at their knowledge level. Everyone is constantly learning new things. That is what our customers appreciate the most about us. Today a website is more than just a calling card, and when you are found on Google, we did a good job.

Our work always propels us forward. We never stop, we always try to discover what’s next and are excited to work with our customers on projects for months or sometimes even years.

With every project we

realize a part of ourselves!

Content That People Are Looking For

In our opinion content is the most important part of any website. Content needs to be well produced, of interest to your users and well-placed on your internet presence. No matter where an article or blog post will be placed in the end, the quality is more important than quantity. That’s not just the case for your potential customers, but also for Google. With great content you will be found!

In January 2016 our team grew with Pascal Prohl, and then in 2018 again with Martin Baier. With his contribution we are a certified Google AdWords & Analytics agency.

A Brief History

  • 2017

    • Expansion: Contunda becomes a GmbH
    • Marie Kollender & Mirco Golchert
      are now part of the team.
  • 2016

    • We move to Essen, Rüttenscheid
    • We are a Google Partner
    • Pascal Prohl strengthens our SEO services
  • 2014

    • Steffen von der Eltz joins the team
    • We start creating and optimizing online shops
  • 2013

    • Good word of mouth gets us new customers
    • We are now an agency
  • 2012

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Do you need a German website? Or maybe you want to climb up in the Google search results? At Contunda we cover every discipline of online marketing. We have experts for search engine optimization as well as Google AdWords.

For us transparency is very important. That is why early on in the web design process you get a link to a rough draft of your future website. This way you can always be directly involved, and make suggestions on things you might want to have changed.

If you use our SEO or Google AdWords services, then you can get a monthly or even weekly report. You will never have to wonder how your website or your ad campaigns are doing.

If you are not sure who on our team would be the right person to speak to, don’t worry, we are all capable of helping you out.

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